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Joan Smith

Organization Cheema Aquatic Club
Stage Active for Life
Coach Kingston Morrissey
Age 61
Hometown Fall River
Achievements I took up running 2 years ago and completed a steps at my age!
Finally got to a 4 minute plank!
Goals Many of my goals are related to the sport of sprint kayak racing, I really want to try C1 or C2 this year. I am setting my sights on a medal at Canadian Masters in K1 as well as ladies K4.
Golf is also on my radar, if I can slow down enough to fit it in
Story Calling all parents! There’s a Masters program at your kids club. I got in a kayak for the first time when I was 47 years young and have loved every minute of it. You get wet a few times, meet amazing people from your own community, have fun and get fit. Paddling was my introduction to sport and fitness. I am passionate about racing but that is only one aspect of this sport for Masters. My moto is try, try again!
Posted May 23, 2018
Grant received September 28, 2018

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