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Lauren Ko

Organization Canoe Kayak BC
Stage Training to Train
Coach Peter Majewski
Age 20
Hometown New Westminster
Achievements Won silver and bronze at BC Games in kayak and canoe boats

Paddled 15 km during our club paddle-a-thon

Paddled my first 1000m in a C1 at BC cup #3 as a kayaker!

Goals Try to qualify for 2019 Westerns

Move up a boat by next year

Paddle 200 metres under 55 seconds

Story My background prior to kayak and canoe was trampoline gymnastics and circus silks! I discovered paddling during a summer camp when I was 12 and loved everything about it! I think many people from different sports can do well at paddling and can even continue to
compete in other sports while developing as a paddler. My balance in a boat was easier because I was used to
executing flips and twists.

Although I like competing now I think everyone just likes being out on the water with friends!

Posted August 16, 2018
Grant received September 27, 2018

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