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Brian Malfesi

Organization Canoe Kayak BC
Stage Training to Compete
Coach Fred Jobin and Tessa Nagai
Age 30
Hometown Maple Ridge
Achievements - National Team 2014 - Present
- Silver in Senior K1 1000m at Pan American Canoe Championships
- Gold in Senior K1 1000m at 2016, 2017, and 2018 Canadian National Championships
Goals - Olympic Games 2020 (Tokyo, Japan)
- Top 6 at 2019 Senior World Championships (Szeged, Hungary)
- Win Senior K1 1000m at Nationals
Story When I started at Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club we had solid Junior and Senior groups along with world class coaches. In my developing years I would always set daily goals, whether it was staying up in a new boat, paddling further then yesterday, or keeping up with someone that was 4 years older then me. My main thing was always pushing myself to improve. Now older, I still train with the same attitude. I want to be able to sit on the start-line knowing there is nothing more I can do to be better prepared.
Posted October 15, 2018
Grant received November 28, 2018

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